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Home Inspections

We are a licensed and insured Home Inspector as well as a General Contractor and Pool Contractor. With all three of these combined we are able to give the best and most thorough inspection possible. We have been in the construction business for over 22 years and have built over 300 homes locally so we know the ins and outs of what is expected in an inspection. It is extremely important to use a licensed professional that is knowledgeable of the construction process in order to give a good report. How can someone inspect a home without ever putting one together?

Buying a new home may be the biggest investment you'll ever make. Although the process is exciting it quickly becomes overwhelming. While the home you selected may appear to be just what your're looking for, there could be potentially serious unknown defects which can make your investment a costly one. Our company is dedicated to providing you with valuable information about your new home. We thoroughly inspect all major components of the property to expose unknown defects and advise you about future maintenance once the purchase is complete. Our company will give you the information you require to make an informed decision. We will perform inspections in Charlotte, Lee, Sarasota and Desoto counties. We also work very closely with many Realtors in the area. Call today to make your appointment.

Wind Mitigation Inspections 

As a Florida homeowner with windstorm insurance, state law entitles you to specific premium reductions if you qualify, but without an inspection, you can't get them. If you haven't had a windstorm insurance inspection at your current home, you are paying too much for your windstorm insurance. According to the Florida Department of Financial Services, before getting a windstorm inspection, the average homeowner is overpaying by more than 20%.

4-Point Inspections 

Four Point Inspections are required by most insurance companies to properly obtain an insurance quote for homes older than 30 years. The 4 main points inspected are: 

  • Plumbing System
  • Heating / AC System 
  • Electrical System 
  • Roofing
  • Visual mold inspection
  • The first mold inspection consists of a visual and moisture test on the suspicious areas. If evidence suggests the presence of mold, then air samples would be collected and sent to testing. The first sample would be taken outside to get a base line of mold spores in the air. The second sample is taken from the area where mold was suspected. The two would be compared and determine the elevated amount of spores in the affected area. The visual and moisture test are included in our basic home inspection.

Chinese Drywall Inspection 

The first Chinese drywall inspection consists of a visual inspection of items in the home. If indicators exist for possible Chinese drywall there will be an invasive inspection. The second Chinese drywall inspection consists of removing pieces drywall and sending them to a laboratory for further analysis. The visual inspection is included in our Basic Home Inspection package.

Home Inspections

This inspection is used by Buyers and Sellers for preclosing. This way there are no surprises at the table. Information is power for negotiating. The following are the main components inspected during our Basic Home inspections: 

  • Roofs 
  • Attic 
  • Structure
  • Exterior 
  • Interior 
  • Electrical 
  • Heating & Cooling 
  • Plumbing

We also provide a cost analysis and possible returns on Real estate Investments.