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A new home is a fresh start. It's an opportunity to improve the way you live and the quality of your life. Why ive in someone else's dream home when you can build your own?

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There are many advantages to building a new home, including the opportunity to choose the look and feel of every room. Your style can be reflected in so many ways, from flooring to fixtures, countertops to cabinets, and more. Personalizing your home is easy with our selection of finishes.

High Mark Builders is proud to serve Punta Gorda, North Port, Port Charlotte, Rotonda and surrounding areas. Owner and President Jeff Burch, has completed over 250 homes in these areas since 2002. Better projects through personal performance, has been the guiding philosophy of High Mark Builder's owner Jeff Burch since starting his construction career in 1986.

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High Mark Builders is a full service general contracting company specializing in custom residential and small to medium sized commercial projects.

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We also specialize in renovations and additions to both residential and commercial projects. Some of the successfully completed projects by Jeff Burch during his twenty year career include: ocean front estates, one of which Jimmy Johnson resides (the former Miami Dolphins head coach), stand alone CVS drug stores, 21,000 square foot retail strip center and hundreds of single family homes.

Featured in Florida Weekly's special 'Best Of' Issue in 2013 and 2014. Jeff Burch was named a Florida Weekly 2014 Leader of Distinction.

High Mark Builders is a proud member of the local Chambers of Commerce, the Charlotte/Desoto Building Industry Association and the Florida Home Builder Association.

High Mark Builders proudly supports local Charlotte County sports programs as well as local organizations such as C.A.R.E. and the Red Lipstick Foundation.


High Mark Builders provides two main services, general contracting services (GC) and construction management services (CM). We believe that to be effective, either service that you select must be performed in an environment of trust, cooperation and mutual respect among all project team members. For that reason, the core of our approach will be to establish mutual trust and effective communication between the project participants (High Mark Builders, Owner, Architect, other consultants, subcontractors and vendors).

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The GC service is a lump sum price method. Before a lump sum price can be performed the contract documents (the plans) must be 100% complete. We also provide GC services early in the design process and perform pre-construction services, which consists of value engineering and pre-construction budgeting. There will be two pre-construction budgets performed, the first will be half way through the design process. The final budget will be performed when the contract documents are 100% complete. This final budget amount will be the lump sum price.

Home Owner Benefits with CM Service

The CM service is a fee + contingency + construction cost method. The CM method will gain more popularity as more people understand the benefits it provides the owner.

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One of our primary roles as CM starts in the design phase and includes the pre-construction services as described in the GC service above. The main difference between the two services is that the owner is in direct communication with High Mark Builders on all budgeting and scheduling models from the design phase to contract document completion. The owner will be involved in material selection, vendor selection and subcontractor selection. High Mark Builders includes a Guaranteed Maximum price (GMP) in its CM service. That is the maximum price the owner will pay for his or her project. High Mark Builders will put all of its resources and knowledge to bring the project in under the GMP. That savings gets passed on directly to the owner.

High Mark Builders from time to time has ready to move in custom homes available, please check our "Homes Available Now" section and see what is available.

For Home Inspections visit our sister company Better Home Inspections.